Trove has a celestial summer with the launch of the Lunar Plunge event


It’s about time to reach for the stars — quite literally — in Trove as the game kicks off the Lunar Plunge event where players can gather up all sorts of celestial-themed goodies.

During the Lunar Plunge, Invasions will be replaced with Starfalls that will see Stars and Lunar Drops randomly appear around the world. Lunar Drops can be used to craft a variety of unique event items such as a Wishing Tree that can be harvested to buff your character. There is also a six-step quest line to help Qubesly and the Moon Goddess to find their way home to get a Spectral Starlotyl mount. There’s also a Moon Goddess’s Goody Bag pack that’s full of various other cosmetics, allies, and mounts.

The Lunar Plunge runs between now and August 18th. Further details can be found on the website and in this FAQ. And don’t forget our interview with Gamigo for more of what Trove has planned in the future!

source: press release
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