Albion Online’s massive spider mount is coming in Season 10


Today’s Albion Online post is brought to you by your friendly nightmare spider, Gary. Gary is excited to tell you that Albion is preparing its 10th guild season, which is scheduled to kick off on August 29th (which was delayed from the 22nd). If guilds perform well enough, they can get a giant spider mount just like Gary, only without his impeccable fashion sense.

“The Goliath Horseeater strikes fear into the hearts of other battle mounts with its powerful web, which can render them completely immobile,” the team posted. “It also has AoE root and poison spells that slow and weaken enemy forces. This mount will be awarded to guilds who reach Silver Rank or higher during Season 10.”

As for the recently ended Season 9, the guild Elevate took the top spot and are having a lot of fun crowing about their champion status:

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