Blade and Soul’s next update introduces a compound system to the mix

Walk it back, walk it back, walk it back.

Are you ready for some foooootballlll? No? Well then, maybe you’re more in the mood for some Blade and Soul instead. You’ve got that way about you. And if this is the case, then you definitely want to be around next week when the game drops its next content release.

The Midnight Reborn update is coming on August 19th and is bringing a new heart evolution tier, sweeping changes to the 12-player Midnight Skypetal Plains raid, and the debut of the compound system.

“The compound system is a new enhancement system designed to help boost your character’s stats by allowing you to gain additional stats by adding unused accessories and fusing them with runes,” NCsoft explained. “The compound system also acts as a secondary equipment window, allowing you to house your extra accessories and runes.”

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