Jagex is publishing a new game, this one a ‘multi-format living’ UE4 multiplayer action RPG


I dunno about you, but I always get a little nervous whenever Jagex announces a new game, given how so many of them have petered out before even being finished. But today’s announcement that Jagex is working on a new game actually refers to more of a publishing arrangement, this one with Polish studio Flying Wild Hog.

“[…] Jagex has today announced that it has signed a deal with Flying Wild Hog to launch a new multi-format living game, the first title to be signed to its third-party publishing division Jagex Partners. The deal will see the game launch in 2021, with open and closed beta phases planned to allow players into the game ahead of release. The game will launch on Jagex‚Äôs new publishing platform, which is being developed using the extensive knowledge and skills that Jagex has built over almost two decades of running live game services.”

We don’t have a name for this game yet, but the studios say it a “multi-format living game” being built using UE4; it will purportedly “deliver a rich, deep, connected and customisable multiplayer action-RPG gaming experience of high adventure and explosive action set in a sci-fi universe.” In other words, it doesn’t expressly say it’s an MMO, but it’s multiplayer, so it’s one we’ll keep an eye on, particularly with Jagex’s involvement.

Source: Press release
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