Valiance Online has extended its open beta event another two weeks


PlayNYC, the newly digital games con in New York, ended yesterday, which means Valiance Online’s brief open beta whereby anyone could play should have ended also. It didn’t, though, and that’s because the team decided to extend that beta another two weeks.

“The sad news? We were so focused on finding fixes for some major issues, we pushed back the update, for a while during this week. The good news? My fingers are itching to hit that button to edit and announce that the patch is live. (full of fixes, content additions, a new launcher, etc.) The best news? Because of this major patch we are extending our open beta by 2 whole weeks!!! That’s right, we want to make sure everyone get’s a real feel for Valiance as it normally is, with quests, more mobs, nicer looking animations, etc. We’ve noticed the announcement of ‘This is just Network testing’ has slipped through the cracks quite a few times, and we want to show you the city of San Cielo like you’ve never seen!”

That patch is live as of this morning, with a long (long) list of changes of everything from the physics build and mobs to animations and UI tweaks.

We dished out our first impressions from this test event last week, and you can take a peek for yourself with the demo below.

Source: Patch notes

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Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

Is the “open beta” supposed to be accessible via the same NYC Beta launcher? Because mine no longer works. All I get is a message saying “Status Unconnected”. I never found any mobs or quests or any kind of content on the two times I logged in during the NYC beta so I was hoping to see something more this time but so far I can’t even see what I saw then!

Valiance Online

Thank you for the coverage! Just a little note on the videos you included (thanks for that) the “Polishing Up Power Sets” one is in the test environment (which is why things are a bit sparse) and the footage in the Play NYC demo is from a build just before open beta started so does not include any of the fixes/updates since then. We’ll be posting some more screenshots and videos shortly to show off the changes.


For me, this is not looking good. Maybe 20 years ago this would have been interesting. However, I saw this video and immediately thought year 2000 EQ1.

From what I see it is a good 5 years + from being in any kind of retail state, if it ever makes it that far. But, who would be interested in it? Enough people to make it a viable financial risk?

We shall see, I suppose.