Final Fantasy XIV is planning more housing plots for patch 5.4 in addition to new housing servers

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It’s not exactly a surprise to Final Fantasy XIV fans that more housing plots are in the plan, considering that Ishgard restoration is pretty clearly setting up a new housing district. Yet more housing is planned as soon as patch 5.4 according to a new letter from producer and director Naoki Yoshida. As the player population continues to grow, more servers have already been ordered and planned to allow for more housing space, but the worldwide pandemic has made things slower; thus, the developers are working to optimize the servers and eke out as many new housing plots as possible from the existing housing servers by the time of patch 5.4.

Players can also look forward to a fix to the high-quality item turn-in checkbox somewhat sooner; essentially, the code for levequests and supply missions is using the same check box, which slows down turning in these items in bulk as is usually the case. A hotfix for this is expected by the end of August, with apologies offered for both the inconvenience here and any stresses experienced from lack of housing plots.

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