Mad World says it’s still on track for a 2020 release


As we noticed back in May, promotion and public updates for Jandisoft’s Mad World has all but slowed down to a standstill. This is especially curious considering that the studio had previously said that the grimdark MMO was going to release in 2020, already a delay from its initial 2018 planned launch.

So what’s the scoop? Is it coming or not? When a player recently asked the company if Mad World was coming this year, Jandisoft said, “We are doing our best to do that.”

Still, there’s been so little coming out about this game over the summer. The official Facebook page did post an animation of an enemy Walker back in July and a short story scene video back in June. Jandisoft also hinted at an odd item system: “We have ‘Normal, Magic, Rare, Unique, Ancient/Legend Abyss’ [gear] and not Set. Our set system is a little bit different.”

In any case, while you wait you can get into the Mad World mood with this music track:

Source: Twitter

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