Mad World previews ongoing alpha development in new gameplay video


It’s been a while since we heard much from upcoming MMO Mad World, hasn’t it? That’s the isometric, grimdark MMO from Jandisoft that was at one point supposed to launch on Steam in 2018, then planned an alpha in 2019, then late last year announced another delay as the game had been picked up for publishing by Netmarble. Now we’re in May 2020 and getting a wee update, this one in the form of a new video.

The video is chiefly just gameplay and music without voiceovers, and the in-game text is mostly in Korean, but it does give a good overview of the UI, character movement, combat, and dialogue layout on offer in the title. We’re still getting those Diablo vibes, of course, but there’s something a smidge cartoony about it too – remnants of a Don’t Starve influence, maybe. You can watch the whole thing below and then keep on impatiently awaiting the game along with us.

Source: Twitter

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Anthony Clark

Looks awesome. Can’t wait for release!

Chosenxeno .

I need to see Magic. Melee always looks lame. That, said. I already like that there’s not 500 keybinds.