Existence arrives on the scene to recapture ‘the heart of MMO gaming’


Inspired by their time in Anarchy Online, two brothers decided that it wanted to make their own sci-fi MMORPG. The result of this ambition — and a lot of work — is Existence, a new title that just emerged on the scene after four months of initial development.

“We want to make this MMO about the heart of gaming, about being fun and not about making money,” the brothers said. In an effort to make that happen, the two say that Existence will be built with the guiding principles of freedom in play, affordable subscriptions, and no pay-to-win sales.

The devs have a course laid out for the coming years: “Existence will be released in an iterative approach […] We feel that trying to make a full scale MMO that rivals play time of the current giants on release is the wrong approach.”

The MMO just posted its first look video, which was made more to show off systems than the placeholder graphics. They’ve also asked for any artists interested in the project to drop them a line.

The team also posted a roadmap for the remainder of the year on their Patreon page:

Source: Patreon, Reddit
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