War Thunder introduces two new limited-time modes inspired by the International Army Games


Today I learned that War Thunder has gotten some new limited-time modes based on the International Army Games and that the International Army Games are a thing. Players of the online vehicular battler can now take part in the Tank Biathlon and the Sea Biathlon, with the former being a recreation of the real-world event and the latter a purely in-game creation that combines the Tank Biathlon and the Sea Battle portions of the Army Games.

Both events will have crews racing through an obstacle course and taking out targets as they go. The Tank Biathlon will feature hardware from eight playable nations to choose from, while the Sea Biathlon will only feature Pr.206 “Shershen” torpedo boats. Victory in these events rewards players with camoflauge vouchers that can be used to purchase unique camos for vehicles like the M1A2 Abrams, the Challenger 2 (2F), the Asheville (PGM-84), or the Fairmile D (697) among others.

These two events will run between now and September 5th and will be available for all players, with the relevant vehicles provided during each event. More information is on the website and some trailers for both events can be found embedded after the cut.

source: press release

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