Albion Online players have accessed corrupted dungeons 1M times since Rise of Avalon launched


It’s been only a few weeks since Albion Online’s massive Rise of Avalon patch graced the live servers, but Sandbox Interactive has apparently spent that time observing what players actually do with the content in the wild. A lot of players, in fact: The studio says y’all have gone into corrupted dungeons over a million times since the launch.

“Based on this tremendous amount of new data and community feedback, we’ve made some adjustments to how Infamy works,” Sandbox says. Specifically, that means the devs are softening how much infamy you lose when you die (it’s half as punitive now), you gain slightly less when you win, you gain a flat bonus to PvP wins based on the dungeon’s level, and slayer dungeon unlocks are permanent. Plus, the team has tweaked the matchmaking system, added new castles and castle outposts to the Outlands, and fixed scoreboards to boot.

The servers were taken offline briefly this morning for an additional hotfix to the black market.

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