MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Age of Ascent, Little Sim World, Arcane Showdown, Riders Republic


It’s tiny titles time, friends! One of the best parts about working with (and before then, reading) MOP is the fact that we all get peeks at some of the smaller, lesser-known, or under-the-radar MMOs and multiplayer games that are out there. In other words: the MMOs you’ve never heard of. Let’s get to it!

First off we look towards Age of Ascent, an internet spaceship sandbox where players are free to trade, explore, and fight in a single universe. The game features direct ship control with active, real-time battles and a fully player driven economy, with plans to further add features like dedicated ship types, player-built space stations, co-op capital ship control, and player-run arena tournaments and race courses. Age of Ascent is due to launch in early 2021.

Next is Little Sim World, a 2-D open world life sim that includes multiplayer and RPG elements in the heart of an adorable version of London. This one features a number of the expected life sim beats such as house building, romance options, career paths, and the opportunity for players to “develop [their] personality and reveal who [they] really are.” Little Sim World is planning an early access launch sometime next year, though players who want to offer their support beforehand can do so via Patreon.

Next up, Arcane Showdown – Battle Arena, a PvP title that meshes card game mechanics and real-time strategy into a self-described “battle of epic proportions.” Battles play out in real time while other RTS features like resource management and movement strategy are present. Arcane Showdown is currently in free-to-play early access, which is set to run for “several months” according to the game’s Steam page.

Finally, one that’s not so small considering it’s an Ubisoft developed game: Riders Republic, which looks very much like a Forza Horizon for extreme sports. Players will get to traverse an open map with skis, snowboards, wingsuits, or bikes, taking on various activities from massive races to trick battles to X Games and Red Bull competitions. There’s also some character progression that unlocks new gear, as well as social hubs where up to 50 players can gather. This one is due to launch in February 2021; you can get a peek at gameplay in the trailer below.

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