Wikipedia is now an MMO (according to Wikipedia itself)

You were hoping for a picture of Tgek'dmal, I know.

Anything online with a community can be considered an MMO if you play it correctly. That might sound like a joke (due to it being a joke), but consider that even Wikipedia itself can be considered an MMO in the right light. Players (editors) choose a race (editing style) and class (editing role) and roam over a vast landscape (article database), exploring both hidden spaces (orphaned articles) and well-known boss areas (featured articles). And you get experience (edit count) for playing (editing articles)!

If all of this sounds exceptionally silly, that’s because it is; the article in question is meant to be absurd and is more of a parody of Wikipedia editing culture than anything else. One could argue that a point is being made for the power of framing actions and what people are doing in a particular game, but at the end of the day it’s just some tongue-in-cheek observations about editing Wikipedia. But please, don’t take this as an indication you should go over there and grind.

Source: Wikipedia via Hackernews

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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

David Goodman

Eh, i prefer TVTropes as my wiki-based MMO of choice to lose hours to.

Bryan Correll

TVTropes is like a black hole. Once you cross the event horizon you’re stuck there, clicking on links and eventually forgetting why you went there and wondering how you ended up at some bizarre topic you’d never even thought of before.

Bruno Brito

Makes sense.

I don’t want to like these games anymore.

Carlo Lacsina
Carlo Lacsina

The lore is interesting, the orcs apparently being natural enemies of trolls. The origin story of the dark lord is a nice twist too, usually these things start with an all powerful, yet-benevolent


That is funny but pretty accurate at the same time.

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

As a professional editor myself, I can’t wait to show this to everyone at work tomorrow! :D


…and yes, I am a platypus’ uncle in the “right” light. >.<

Danny Smith

-People fighting each other constantly
-Arguments about political opinions unrelated to articles
-Been trying to charge a subscription fee for years
-Its just a grind you waste far more hours than intended on that ultimately does nothing to better you as a person

Yeah i’d say it fits the bill.