Pixel art 2-D MMORPG Naïca kicks off open beta on November 10


We’ve been peering in on the progress of Naïca on a couple of occasions now in our usual roundup of obscure MMOs, noting the 2-D MMORPG’s variety of features like PvE and PvP content, “adaptive” classes, and cross-platform play on PC, iOS, and Android. If any of those reports have stoked curiosity, then you’ll have your chance to sate it when the game enters open beta on Tuesday, November 10th.

Open beta sees players begin their adventures in the village of Azura in the center of the continent of Lazul. The starting area includes a vale that offers up a main story with 80 quests along the path as well as 30 secondary quests. All told, the continent will offer up a total of 235 secondary quests that accompany the main quest spread out over several zones. In addition, open beta promises to have no restarts, meaning progress will be saved.

For those interested in hopping in, the game can be downloaded on Google Play, the App Store, and on PC directly from the game’s website.

source: official site via Reddit. This article was amended after publication to correct our error; the game will not in fact be available on Mac.
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