Occupy White Walls now allows artists to upload their own creations with the Open update — for a fee


The multiplayer art museum of Occupy White Walls just got a whole lot more personal with the release of the Open update, which now allows artists to upload their own creations to the game for distribution to the title’s audience for a one-time fee of $9 per upload. The devs at Stikipixels propose that this new feature will promote artists through the use of OWW’s AI, opening up a creator’s audience without charging a commission from any potential real-world sales or claiming copyright of the work.

For the record, the purchasable art codes that allow artists to upload works to the game can be gifted by players to artists if they so choose. Furthermore, there are plans to introduce a Patrons feature which lets players purchase special packs of upload codes that they can give to artists they like, as well as their own KULTURA page and a nod to the Patron that funded an artist’s upload.

In addition to this major feature, the Open update now allows players to create a total of three galleries per account once certain level milestones are reached, along with the ability for players to change a gallery’s name, take a preview picture of their gallery with the Zahn Cam, the addition of functional dice, some new menus and UI for login, gallery previews, and teleporting, and some new vendor assets like an underwater skybox and a fishnado.

For artists interested in uploading their creations to OWW, there’s a landing page as well as an FAQ, while players of the game can dig into the patch notes.

source: newsletter
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