WRUP: Full lyrics to the theme song ‘Massively Overpowered (The Elocution of a Bird)’ edition


Look at the neat thing we found! It turns out that while clearing out the back of the Massively Overpowered offices because I needed to find a new hiding space for when I cry, I stumbled onto all of the old materials from the 1987 Massively Overpowered animated feature film “Rainbows Are Your Enemies!” Obviously that predates my own membership, but I had to share with you the full lyric sheet for our theme song, Massively Overpowered (The Elocution of a Bird). Pretty wild! And also beautiful. Let us know what your favorite moments from that old animated film are in the comments of this week’s What Are You Playing.

Yeah we’re here, and we’re covering the games that are online,
The first USENET servers were in 1979,
It’s not anachronistic that we’re talking about games
And we don’t have a time machine, so don’t be lame!

But the articles are hard when you don’t know how to write,
And it turns out you only get so far on hollow spite
What a joy that we found ourselves a gift of words
From the beak of Reginald, a magical bird!

(Tap, tap) The elocution of a bird!
(Tap, tap) The elocution of a bird!
(Crunch, crunch) The elocution of a bird!
(Beep, beep) The elocution of a bird!

Reginald likes his chili dogs with beans,
He likes spicy pizza and a photo of James Dean,
He calls that photo his boyfriend.
Reginald smells like a wet rug on a hot day.
He’s making us sing this song.
I’m so sad and scared all the time.
Not because of Reginald but just in general.
How do people do this?

(Squeak, squeak) The elocution of a bird!
(Grind, grind) The elocution of a bird!
(Zorch, zorch) The elocution of a bird!
(Smashing glass noises, smashing glass noises) The elocution of a bird!


Bonus question: What’s the one habit you think most people who read your writing wouldn’t expect from you?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Oh man, I’m so excited about the Animal Crossing Halloween event! I’ve got some pumpkins down already but my town needs work and I gotta make a costume, probably something Asheron’s Call themed to go with the town theme. Maybe a virindi, unless other AC vets have suggestions? Pokemon Go will get some work too, and I gotta try that new Super Mario Bros 35.

Gosh, a habit people who read my stuff wouldn’t expect from me that I can also share? Hmm… I’m guessing this assumes social media followers are out too? O! This one’s kind of embarrassing, but I’m generally still looking into at least 75% of the props and local candidates a few days before I can vote, to the point where I sometimes hand-deliver my mail-in ballot (been receiving it this way since 2004). I may or may not also do it for the free sticker…

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): If I game this weekend, it’ll probably be City of Heroes again. Some weird-but-good things happened to me this week, though, so I may wind up with no time to do anything fun. We’ll see!

I feel like I’m overexposed on the podcast, so people probably already know my quirks, like my habit of pacing when I talk (sorry!) or my tendency to spreadsheet every MMO I play (not sorry!). I drink tea every morning; I have really long hair but always pin it up; and I always have something burning to make the house smell good.

Carlo Lacsina (@UltraMudkipEX), YouTube): I’m in the middle of a move right now, so I might just play quick games of Ikaruga and stuff. With World of Warcraft: Shadowlands delayed, I’m going to chip at the Battle for Azeroth quests here and there over the coming weekend. That’s good for me because I’m trying to slow down on all the gaming I’ve been doing lately.

Bonus question: I don’t know what habit my readers wouldn’t know about me… Is regularly taking a hot bath a habit? ‘Cause that’s what I do. It feels extra good after a crazy workout too!

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I’ll be dipping a bit into Star Wars Squadrons, continue the Great Altitis Encouragement Project in City of Heroes Homecoming, and help slowly pull together my new FC in Final Fantasy XIV, with another swing at The Witcher 3 as a palate cleanser; one of these days I’m going to actually beat this game.

I legitimately have no good answer for this week’s bonus question.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Some stuff in FFXIV and I kind of want to give Genshin Impact some attention. And… that’s about it, honestly. It’s an unambitious plan, but it feels doable.

I do wonder how many readers know or would suspect that I always have the same breakfast every morning. It’s just a toasted English muffin, no matter what. I know people know how much I love cooking any everything, but I tend to just be low-key for morning meals.

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): The only thing this weekend is an emergency road trip. My mom is sick. I might play some No Man’s Sky during downtime though.

Bonus: Wait, people read my writing?

Tyler Edwards (blog): I’ve got Alan Wake’s American Nightmare lined up, but supposedly it’s a pretty short game, so that probably won’t take me a whole weekend. I do want to do more horror games before Halloween, but I also want some variety, so I was thinking of maybe checking out Drake Hollow or dipping back into Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, where I somehow still haven’t finished all the new campaigns (there’s so many, guys).

Bonus question: I’m really, seriously into Simpsons memes. To the point where I have strong opinions about the best and worst trends and formats.

Pierre, patron: I must admit that after finishing The Last of Us Part II recently, any other game seems so dull that I’m not sure what I’d like to play this weekend. Some kind of postpartum depression most probably. Maybe it’s time for a good old RPG. I will probably launch Divinity Original Sin and have some fun in it. After playing Final Fantasy XI for a few weeks, I’m somehow done with it and no MMO seem really tempting. So, maybe you, MOP readers can give me some ideas through your comments.

Bonus question: As most of you probably know or guessed from my first name, I’m French. You’d probably be shocked to find out that I don’t wear any hat, I don’t like hats, and I drive a Toyota C-HR (very nice car by the way) and not some old noisy and smoky French car…. I’m just kidding, I know my fellow MOP readers are not into those kinds of worn-out cliches?

Every Saturday, join the Massively OP community and staff for What Are You Playing, our roundup of what MMORPGs and other games we’re hoping to play this weekend (with a bonus question or two for our amusement). Tell us what you’re up to! Go off-topic! And don’t forget to have fun!
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