SWTOR is giving away minipets in honor of Star Wars Squadrons’ launch


Star Wars Squadrons, a multiplayer dogfighter from EA, launched yesterday, giving players the ability to engage in their own epic space battles. And instead of feeling threatened by the new player in the field, Star Wars: The Old Republic is welcoming this launch with a promotion of its own.

BioWare said that any player who logs into SWTOR between October 20th and November 17th will get a free minipet inspired by Star Wars Squadron. The pet in question is a small version of Squadrons’ Model Corellian Stardrive Vanguard.

“As a special congratulations to the Motive team, we have built a remote-controlled starship minipet based on their design,” said BioWare. “We worked hand-in-hand with the Motive team to ensure our design was influenced by Vanguard Squadron while also remaining true to The Old Republic being thousands of years earlier.”

Source: SWTOR

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They have been on a roll lately as they already gave away Shae Vizla and Steam Flair. Actually Steam Flair is claimable for a couple days more. The new Star Wars dogfighter is what Star Citizen Squadron 42 should had been – SC single player iteration got already a strong competitor


Mmm yah, not so much. After seeing the ‘mixed’ score on steam I dug into the reviews for Squadrons and found this gem:

“All in all, I just simply can’t recommend the game because it doesn’t lend itself to the feeling of deep space flight or simulation. There is no exploration, its all cut scenes, loading screens, and very small box battles with a low resolution starfield backdrop that has zero depth. The Sense of Scale has been robbed in Squadrons and you don’t feel like an ant compared to a Star Destroyer like in Xwing/Tie, you feel more like a pinball, flying around bouncing around everywhere and large capital ships just simply become an obstacle.

If you’re an old school xwing/tie pilot looking for a true successor. This aint it chief. This is a VERY minimal arcade flight shooter with crossplay designed for fast, frenetic gameplay. Not my cup of tea.”

Suffice it to say I don’t think Chris Roberts is concerned about SW Squadrons as a “strong competitor” as you put it.