Valorant bumps Icebox map up to next week, delays and reveals new toon Skye


Riot Games’ Valorant is smooshing around its fall lineup. The good news it’s that it’s pushed the new arctic wilderness map, Icebox, up in the schedule, meaning it’ll launch on October 13th alongside the act III battlepass (27th for competitive mode).

“An abandoned Kingdom research facility in the arctic wilderness is the next location to flex your aim and abilities. Pierce the dense snow cover as an Attacker to plant the Spike. And, outplay as Defender using ziplines to reach new and dangerous heights. The two objective sites on Icebox favor frequent skirmishes, sharp aim, and adaptive play.”

The downside is that the new playable agent is being delayed until two weeks after act III begins, which seems like a wise idea since even Riot admits “the Act III patch is a bit scary considering the high amount of content coming and potential instability.” As of today, that agent has been revealed: She’s Skye, an Aussie with nifty wolf and bird spells that Reddit can’t stop talking about. Just kidding, they’re too busy arguing over her accent. Priorities.


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