Star Wars Squadrons shares an infographic of stats from the first week of online play

So has anyone had cookies recently? I like cookies.

It would appear that the online multiplayer of Star Wars Squadrons has been pretty active overall, or at least the very first week of it. EA’s Star Wars Twitter account offered up an infographic that collected data from the game’s first week and provided several trivia bites for players to gnaw on.

The game has drawn over 88M minutes of watched livestream footage, with players blowing up over 97M capital ships and well over 500M starfighters. About 15% of players play the game in VR, while the stats for most popular starships for the Republic and Empire side don’t really hold a whole lot of surprises.

As for the game’s general health, we find some pretty solid numbers on Steam Charts with a 24-hour peak of over 9,000 players. That is well short of the game’s 35K all-time peak on the Steam platform, but we have to also consider that this game has cross-platform play and so the player numbers are likely a bit more robust. Meanwhile, the game has kicked out a patch with some general bug fixes and adjustments.

You can get a look at the infographic after the cut.

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