Mortal Online 2 on how it’s improving combat and server latency


Whether it’s an action combat MMO or a multiplayer shooter, having your attacks miss due to latency never feels good. Mortal Online 2 recognizes this and so is doing everything it can to make sure its revamped combat feels as good as it can be, as detailed in a recent developer blog.

The focus of updates by the devs are on server synchronization to ensure animations update accordingly, as well as improving movement position accuracy by adding a slight acceleration on starting a new movement to better sync movement positions. The devs are also doing their best to include players from a variety of locations around the world in order to fine-tune server latency, though they also recognize the desire for setting up regional servers. To that point, there are plans to set up regional servers in order to give players a choice of whether to play in their region or to play in a shared world.

The dev blog also discusses the mechanics of its active combat, elaborating on how the direction of a strike will effect where to block, the three varieties of weapon damage types, and how different materials for weapons and armor affects combat feel. “We want it to be easy to get into the game but takes a lifetime to fully master since it will offer extreme depth, where player skills and knowledge matters,” promises the post.

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