Ship of Heroes’ Casey McGeever on the innovation of the indie MMO scene


The process of creating the MMO Ship of Heroes has apparently been enlightening to Heroic Games’ CEO Casey McGeever according to an interview between him and his contracted PR rep Justin Roberti, which takes a closer look at what has changed when moving from a fan of City of Heroes to a developer of his own superheroic MMO title.

“I have been most surprised by how innovative the videogame world is. When people think about the game industry, they tend to think of big names that do endless sequels and reskins. But the indie sector is far more entrepreneurial and creative. There are thousands of small teams like ours exploring new ideas and creating their dream games, and quite a few are succeeding. This has created an ecosystem where game developers have access to a huge array of tools, contractors, and art, not to mention a few incredible game engines. All of this is very positive for ‘the little guy.'”

The interview also sees McGeever talking about designing Ship of Heroes as “a niche game with only friendly players, rather than a bigger game with mean players,” how simple design changes can snowball across the entire scope of the project, and how the devs are trying to be as transparent as possible in order to “tell the truth” which has cultivated a supportive fanbase as a result. It’s a thoughtful little chat that’s likely worth a fan’s short time.

source: Hackernoon

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Peregrine Falcon

Very interesting interview.

Now please see if you can get this game launched before 2050.

Dug From The Earth

“When people think about the game industry, they tend to think of big names that do endless sequels and reskins”

I hope when he was saying this it wasnt in reference to Ship of Heroes, considering Ship of Heroes is basically a spiritual successor of City of Heroes. Much of what the game is is just a reskin/re-engine of an existing game.