Apex Legends confirms Steam launch November 4, delays Nintendo Switch launch to 2021

This is neither fine nor not fine.

In the blur of studio-specific reveal events that took place over the course of this past summer thanks to E3’s closure, it’s perhaps easy to have forgotten that Apex Legends had designs to release for Steam and Nintendo Switch in the fall. Well, here we are in the fall, and there’s been a launch timing update from game director Chad Grenier.

First, the post confirms that the battle royale shooter will officially land on Steam this coming Wednesday, November 4th, along with the launch of Season 7, allowing those who play on the Origin-launched version to move their progress to the Steam version if they so desire.

Second, the announcement confirms that the Nintendo Switch version requires more time in the oven, so its release is being pushed back to some time next year. Of course, when the game does release, it will also feature the promised cross-platform play with all of the other versions.


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