Grab a MU Online or C9 gift bundle in Webzen’s Halloween 2020 giveaway


Webzen is celebrating the spooky season once again with events across its catalogue of MMOs: MU Online and Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9).

“Webzen will be opening a spooky mysterious mansion to celebrate Halloween. During the event period, all guests are welcome to come to the mansion for trick-or-treating and receive special candies as treats. Collected candies can be exchanged for rewards and even more treats can be received by visiting Webzen’s official Facebook page. On Webzen’s official Facebook page, plenty of Halloween-themed events will be ready for players to enjoy. […] [D]uring the Halloween event period, MU Online will be running the EXP BOOOOST Event, which will help players boost up their characters’ strength even more by giving them extra 30% EXP and decreasing Monster HP by 20%. Moreover, the Mystic Gift Box Event will offer players the chance to open Gift Boxes containing varying amounts of Goblin Points. In C9, players can party up and clear the dungeons to get Tokens of Pumpkin and be rewarded with various items including surprise boxes, skill books and gears. Furthermore, the EXP earned for killing monsters and clearing stages will be doubled during the event period.”

In honor of the season, the company has granted us a bundle of keys with goodies for whichever of the games is your favorite. Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to grab one of these keys!

get your key

461 keys left!

Here’s what’s in this year’s bundles, depending on which game you choose:

Here’s how to redeem your code:

If you’re an existing player, head to, log in with your account, enter the coupon code (without hyphens), then select your game, server, character and click “Redeem Now.”

If you are new to WEBZEN, create a account, then download your chosen game client and install it. Next, choose a server and create a new character. Then follow the steps for existing players above.

Please note that you can apply only one key per account; keys are live as of the time this post goes live and expire November 24th, 2020.

Standard giveaway notes: If there’s no captcha or Mo button and all it says is “No keys left! Sorry” in big letters, then we’re out of keys. If we get another batch from the studio, we’ll send out a note on social media. Having problems with the captcha not working? Try an alt browser or clear your cache. And finally, hang on to your code! If you lose it after all of our keys are given out, we cannot retrieve it for you.

Good luck and have fun!

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