The gamer who circumnavigated the galaxy in a ship of Elite Dangerous’ own making


By god, the kids have done it: They’ve circumnavigated the entire galaxy in a carrier. In Elite Dangerous, that is.

According to his now much-loved Reddit post, the Elite player known as CMDR Thauma undertook the self-imposed mission, using Eddiscovery for mapping and performing jumps and mining for fuel a few hours a day through the pandemic. To keep himself entertained during what would otherwise be boring travel, Thauma spent a lot of time chatting and watching media on a second monitor, and believe it or not, he had fun over the course of the four-months-and-two-day, 952-jump run from Colonia.

“It was a huge mix of labor, dedication, energy and time, but it was fun to see that you actually progress on a path that only few dare to walk through,” Thauma writes. “I kinda already miss it too. As for boasting – eh, I may be the first, but I am first in a specific niche – a circumnavigation with a carrier done by a lone CMDR. Few people already flew with normal ships, though, there is also the ambitious plan of another CMDR to visit every DSSA carrier and I bet other people will do a lap around the galaxy with their carriers even faster than me.”

As for the best stuff Thauma saw along the way?

“Oh, that is a very good question, actually! But, not one I can answer easily. You see, the stars at the rim are pretty much the same, with the same rocky planets. I did saw and discovered a fair amount of bodies, tiny, potato like planets, big chonkers, WWs with ammonia, even few neutrons. I guess one of the more cooler places was actually one of my last mining spots – an undiscovered system (flyai prau nh-c d0) which contained in one place a WW, 2 stellar phenomena consisted of peduncle trees and pods, as well as the tritium spot itself, an ice ring around an icy planet. Even the carrier dropped in a cool spot – just above a 1000 km away from the ring and the diffused glow of the ring illuminated the landing pads in an amazing bright white light. If I can consider it unexpected, there are systems I found at two instances, which seems to be unreachable even for carriers. The first being the systems BLU CHRIE FG-Y G0, EUFAWSY EG-Y G0 and BYUA CHREOU AA-A G0, while the second case is seeing that there is a BIG region of stars at Xibalba, isolated at least 2k ly away from the other systems. I really wish that some day a pathway towards there would be discovered.”

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After 4 months, I finally finished circumnavigating the galaxy with my carrier – FC Nanachi! You can find more details in the comments below or just ask me all the things you want! from EliteDangerous

Incidentally, Fairyland is a great book series, beginning with The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, and it’s well worth reading even for adults. To pass the time during your next trip around the galaxy, of course.

Source: Reddit
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