Vitae Aeternum: The New Secret World

Comparisons between New World and The Secret World have existed pretty much since the earliest teases of NW. It's what put the game on...

The gamer who circumnavigated the galaxy in a ship of Elite Dangerous’ own making

By god, the kids have done it: They've circumnavigated the entire galaxy in a carrier. In Elite Dangerous, that is. According to his now much-loved...

The Daily Grind: What place in MMOs you wish you could explore – but can’t?

I don't know how high I'd rate on an MMO explorer scale, but I have been known to go off-track and wander around in...

EVE Evolved: Chatting up EVE Online world record holder Ethan ‘Katia Sae’ Richards

EVE Online player Ethan Richards is best known by the name of his in-game character Katia Sae, who earlier this year completed an incredible...
Oh, boo-hoo.

EVE Online offers grief counseling for ship losses and celebrates exploration record

What's the hardest part of EVE Online for new players? It looks like CCP Games is betting that it's the sting when your first ship...

Not So Massively: Eden Rising provides a low-stress riff on survival games

Somehow I hadn't heard of Eden Rising until it launched out of early access as a free-to-play title, so to me at least it...

MMO Cartographer: Touching all the things in Project Gorgon

Welcome to MMO Cartographer! I'm Mia, and I'll be your guide through this winding journey through interesting MMORPGs - some small, some forgotten, and...

EVE Evolved: How could Project Nova live up to its true potential?

I think it's fair to say that EVE Online developer CCP Games hasn't had much success when it comes to avatar-based gameplay. The studio's...

The Daily Grind: When was the last time you went sightseeing in an MMORPG?

Are you into stopping and smelling the flowers, literally or figuratively? I started thinking a bit about this thanks to a tweet ZeniMax sent out...

Impressions of Sea of Thieves, one month in: Deep-diving retro world PvP

It's really hard for me to not to gush hard about Sea of Thieves. I know many out there won't agree, and it's easy to say why,...

Impressions of Project Gorgon from an Asheron’s Call player

It's finally time for me talk about Project Gorgon as a released product. As you might have guessed, I was avoiding the game prior to launch....

First impressions of the newly launched ARK Park

By the time you read this dear reader, I'll already be dead... dead tired, that is, from running around the Game Developer's Conference talking...

Saga of Lucimia discusses running after your corpse when you die in a pit

Show of hands, readers: How many of you have had great fun dealing with corpse runs, trying to retrieve your gear from the spot...

EVE Evolved: Calling time on EVE Online’s five-year vision

When Andie "CCP Seagull" Nordgren walked onto the stage at EVE Fanfest 2013 and delivered her long-term vision for the future of EVE Online,...

Exploration MMO Wander quietly died and almost no one noticed

Cast your mind back to 2015 and see if you can recall an odd MMO launching on PC and PlayStation 4 called Wander. It...
gun stand shoots

Worlds Adrift previews the new mechanics coming to island creation

When September rolls around, island makers in Worlds Adrift will have more options for building a truly unique experience for players. The first island...
Oh, you wanted to use these things. Huh.

No Man’s Sky patches in a fix to allow faster movement on every planet

Last week, No Man's Sky patched in the option to build rovers for quickly traversing the landscape. That's just a good thing, right? After...

EVE Evolved: Hints of EVE Online’s summer update

The EVE Online community was a little surprised this week by what appeared to be the accidental early reveal of the feature list for this summer's...

WoW Factor: Where do we go after WoW Legion?

So at the risk of being dinged for spoiling the current World of Warcraft expansion, let me say this: Azeroth is not going to...
Sometimes it kind of works out this way.

NASA worker praises Elite: Dangerous for its attention to detail

No human being has ever flown to Saturn. The logistics of a manned mission out that far into space are just not realistic at...