EVE Online offers grief counseling for ship losses and celebrates exploration record

Oh, boo-hoo.

What’s the hardest part ofย EVE Online for new players? It looks like CCP Games is betting that it’s the sting when your first ship is destroyed and you’re suddenly left shipless, which kind of leaves players with a numb flailing and a sense of confusion. What do you do now? How do you go on? That’s what the game’s new grief counseling service is meant to address, offering new players advice and guidance in the wake of that first ship loss. New players will be contacted and hopefully get a sense of what happened and what to do next after watching that first ship go up in smoke.

Of course, you can ameliorate this somewhat by not getting into combat, ever, which is difficult in a game wherein players can just choose to blow you up because you’re visible, but the “never get in a fight” approach worked for Ethan Richards, who is now in the Guinness Book of Records as the first person to explore all the game’s systems without a single combat loss. That may not be a viable approach for all new players, though.

Source: TechRaptor, Guinness World Records via Twitter
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