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Sky: Children of the Light sets Guinness World Record for largest virtual concert

Sky: Children of the Light might not be an MMO you're even aware exists, partially because it has yet to come to the PC....

Sky Children of the Light opens its Steam page, prepares for public PC testing with a world record concurrency attempt

The smaller scale multiplayer game Sky: Children of the Light is definitely trying its level best to balloon into MMO size. Developer thatgamecompany is...

EVE Online player sets a new speed world record for visiting every star system in the game

EVE Online players will very likely be familiar with the name of Katia Sae, the character that visited every star system in the game...

EVE Evolved: Inside Hadean’s EVE Online record-breaking battle attempt

If EVE Online is known for one thing (apart from massive scams and online heists), it's the truly massive PvP battles that have taken...

EVE Evolved: Chatting up EVE Online world record holder Ethan ‘Katia Sae’ Richards

EVE Online player Ethan Richards is best known by the name of his in-game character Katia Sae, who earlier this year completed an incredible...
Oh, boo-hoo.

EVE Online offers grief counseling for ship losses and celebrates exploration record

What's the hardest part of EVE Online for new players? It looks like CCP Games is betting that it's the sting when your first ship...
Capital city.

EVE Online is on track to set a new world record for largest video game battle

Truly large-scale battles don't come about by sheer accident; they take a lot of planning and coordination to make happen -- especially if you...

CCP Games and Hadean develop 10,000 player deathmatch demo, EVE: Aether Wars

Since the first time EVE Online developer CCP Games showed off its VR dogfighter EVE:Valkyrie, players have dreamed of having the directly controlled fighters...

EVE Evolved: 2016 EVE Online year in review

It's been another busy year for sci-fi MMO EVE Online, and an absolute roller coaster ride for both players and developer CCP Games. On the...

EVE Evolved: The Siege of M-0EE8, the new largest battle in gaming history

In the political sandbox of EVE Online, colossal player-run military coalitions frequently war over territorial conflicts, in revenge for past transgressions or just for...

The largest PvP war in gaming history has begun in EVE Online

Sci-fi MMO EVE Online has had no shortage of huge battles in its lifetime, from the world-record-breaking 3,110 player battle in 2010 to the Battle of Asakai in...
Someone must have had fun with this at some point, right?

Froggen sets new League of Legends creep score world record

How many minions can you kill during one League of Legends match? If you want to beat the world record, you'll have to top...

Players seek world record for longest Hearthstone turn

By setting up a chain reaction of around 240,000 arcane missiles targeting a player who cannot be killed at the moment, two players have...