Exploration MMO Wander quietly died and almost no one noticed


Cast your mind back to 2015 and see if you can recall an odd MMO launching on PC and PlayStation 4 called Wander. It was notable for being a non-combat game that focused on exploration and had you roaming about as a giant tree (at least part of the time). It was also notable for being called the “worst PlayStation 4 game ever.”

It was pretty obvious that Wander wasn’t going to be even a mild success by that fall, and the studio stopped issuing patches and updates for the game in September 2015. ┬áThe last Twitter message from the company was in late 2015, saying that there was another update in the works.

The deathknell for the game came in last month, when it was delisted from Steam, as Endgame Variable noticed: “Sorry to say we are now removing Wander from sale. We would have liked to switch it to be free, but alas our agreement with CryTek for use of the CryEngine will not allow that. Thanks to all Wanders and sorry.”

One of the game’s artists provided more information on the Steam thread:

“Firstly, we released Wander back in 2014 and I can see some of you are retracing through the history, and that’s great to see. Wander had many great moments and a fairly bumpy road too. For those new here and didn’t pick up a copy before the end then well, I’m sorry you’ve missed out.

Now that Wander is off the store, I’ve been informed it is not possible to generate any more keys. We have been amazed at the amount of enthusiasm and determination of some of you have shown by reaching out to us for more but sadly we cannot deliver any more.

For those who appear to be really mad about there being no sale. Please re-read the announcement post and understand that this needed to be shut down in a timely matter. We had every intention on doing a flash sale but certain procedures didn’t allow us to do so.

Also, Wander was the only title made by this indie company. Many of its members have moved onto other things myself included. I was one of the artists and this was my first gig and is great having that yellow sign next to my name as well as chatting with players.”

Wander is still listed on the PlayStation 4 site, and we can confirm is still downloadable on Steam to current owners and still appears to be playable as of our test this weekend.

Source: Steam. Thanks Endgame Variable!
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