Fallout 76 takes you on a tour of underground player housing


Player housing fanatics already have plenty of freedom in Fallout 76, but it’s going to get even better when the Steel Dawn update drops in December. That’s because the game’s going to be adding instanced underground housing called “shelters” with relaxed building restrictions and a lot more ability to go nuts and create a customized personal space.

“It’s just a really open area for more open expression,” Bethesda said. The studio said that it’s seen all sorts of “crazy cool” designs from player testing already, including murder mazes, pirate lairs, and spaceships.

Currently, the game is running its Halloween event with a double XP bonus through November 2nd. The team took players on a tour of shelters, which you can check out below:

Source: Fallout 76

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All the stuff they showed was pretty much all Atom Store items. If you never dipped into the store, you wouldn’t be able to make even 10% of the designs that they showed. If your first Atom Store purchase is a nice vault, be prepared to spend more if you want anything decent.

Toy Clown

I’m totally blown away by what I’ve seen in the video. Other MMOs that have housing, even ones with lots of freedom, don’t have access to many things I’ve seen here. When finances aren’t so tight, I’d love to try out this MMO.

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Tobasco da Gama

Too bad, you just missed a half off sale. It’ll probably go on sale again for the Steam Winter Sale, whenever that starts.

Toy Clown

It’s okay. This patch isn’t being released for a few months and I’m still having fun in ESO. Thanks for the head’s up on a winter sale!


Maybe they added stuff to it in the pts but when I tried it it was limited.

Can you build in it? Sure. But it’s a prefab box basically and a good deal of stuff they sold in the atom store to this point look discordant in it. Here’s your nice shiny vault! Put your broken down threadbare crap in it.

Worse, you can’t put down your “display” items like magazine racks to show off your collection or garden plots so you can grow crops without enemies destroying them.

Also, the game already has non instanced housing where you can do the vast majority of the stuff you see in the video.