Naïca releases a gorgeous pixel art trailer ahead of its equally pixelated open beta

Very nice-ah

The open beta for Naïca starts on November 10th. We’ve covered that before, of course, along with all of the things that the game will offer to players even within the limited confines of its open beta scope on the continent of Lazul. But today there’s something else to admire ahead of that open beta in the form of a trailer, showing off how players will interact with the world and all of the art informing the adventure.

It’s unclear, of course, how much of the art is bespoke bits of animation meant only for the trailer and how much will be in-game, but it does give a solid picture of the smooth graphics you’ll see in actual play, and it boasts that stylish chunky pixelated look all the way through. If you’re a sucker for solid pixel art, you’ll likely enjoy the trailer even if you don’t plan to try the game… and considering it’s going to be an open beta, maybe it’ll be worth trying after all.

Source: YouTube

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The main thing that jumped out to me: Please, devs, change those fonts! They’re fairly hard to read and having white player names with no borders is also not a great idea.