Book of Travels previews its early access landmass and elaborates on its chapter-based update system


The self-described tiny multiplayer online title Book of Travels is slowly unfurling its plans for early access, and this time around it wants to show you the part of the game’s world that will be open once early access — aka “Chapter Zero — kicks off.

The area in question is a sizeable chunk of the western landmass, promising a variety of rivers, bays, and inlets for players to explore and discover. The region will also be host to two major cities: Myr in the north, and Kasa to the south. More areas of land will be added over the course of early access, extending to the east and south along the way.

According to the post, game updates will arrive in chapters (hence Chapter Zero), with each chapter bringing new phases in the overarching storyline as well as multiple small plots and event chains. Chapters will also add unique gameplay features and items that will be exclusive to the lifespan of that particular chapter, with the aim of enriching player experiences over the game’s lifetime.

As for when early access for Book of Travels begins, the latest word from the devs is that it kicks off sometime in the second quarter of 2021. When it does, though, there will apparently be a number of things to see.

source: Kickstarter
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