Black Desert on PC kicks off mount and enhancement boost events and adjusts enhanced skills

Big price.

The PC version of Black Desert is once more busy with events and adjustments in its latest update, which should be online by the time you’re reading this. Of note in the patch notes are changes to a variety of enhanced skills for classes, almost all of which land on the buff side of the scale, and news on a new Nouver and its moves.

As for events, players can look forward to another mount-boosting event that yields rewards like a box that randomly rewards a horse for completing Imperial horse deliveries along with 50% more mount XP for the duration of the event, as well as an enhancement aid event where players must collect a wide swath of items to combine through Simple Alchemy or Manufacture to ultimately create turn-in items for Advice of Valks; the second event is a hot mess of instructions, so check the link and read carefully for all the details.

Finally, the console version of the game has had an update as well that officially introduces the Guardian class, Succession for the Lahn, Ninja, and Striker, the Kratuga Ancient Ruins hunting ground, and Garnoth’s Nest to the Red Battlefield among other things.

source: Black Desert PC site (1, 2, 3, 4), Black Desert console site

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