Shroud of the Avatar discusses butchery, artifact salvage, and Release 84 adjustments


As is very often the case with Shroud of the Avatar, things are changing, since the game is still in development. This week’s update newsletter has a host of details about what’s changing, from butchery to artifact salvage to combat.

In-game butchers will get to enjoy new animal processing recipes that replace old meat recipes and more animal-appropriate icons for these recipes, while artifacts that are salvaged at crafting tables will yield better goodies including Ancient Essences and a pattern which can change the appearance of gear in some cases. And speaking of crafting, there are some new bone piles and framed maps that can be crafted as well.

Meanwhile, additional updates include increased XP for high level elementals, elemental bosses, and daemons, improved monster resistance to Mesmerize, and a host of economic and item updates related to foal and tamed horse turn-ins, Conversationalists, and decoration improvements among other things. There’s more information in the Avatar’s Update.

Longtime MOP readers will know that Shroud of the Avatar is a controversial game in the MMO space. Kickstarted in 2013, the game and its original studio have been criticized for cuts, stunts, delays, corporate shenanigans, and neglecting SEC filings legally required by the game’s equity crowdfunding. Last year, Richard Garriott’s Portalarium sold off SOTA to its lead dev and all but exited the game. Press inquires have repeatedly been met with stonewalling and insults, and investors have been abandoned, but the game does still have players and is still being developed, as we continue to cover.
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