The Elder Scrolls Online’s holiday event returns with new rewards and new Imperial quests


The New Life festival is coming once again to The Elder Scrolls Online this upcoming Thursday, December 17th, and while a number of the event details for this year are similar to past events, there are a few notable new additions to the festivities including a new Snowball Buddy pet and Imperial Charity Writs that can be completed to unlock pages from the Rkindaleft Dwarven weapon style.

The event otherwise works the same, with players unlocking 10 special New Life-themed daily quests, but another difference is that this year will see a brand-new quest that promises to let players memorialize the event “in true Imperial style.” Whatever that means.

Finally, the New Life festival sees the return of Event Ticket rewards that can be used towards the purchase of a variety of seasonal Indrik mounts from previous years including the Crimson Indrik, which is noted as the final Indrik evolution of the game. There’s also bonus XP to be had during the event as well. Players can revel in the festivities starting tomorrow until January 5th.


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