Pantheon beckons you over for a sneak peek at crafting


Everyone has his or her favorite pet system in MMOs, and for an elite few, that system is crafting. Being able to take raw materials and shape incredibly useful works of art has an intriguing appeal. So for those who have been waiting impatiently for Pantheon to say something — anything — about its crafting system, now you’ve been tossed a bone.

The lead crafting dev, Nephele, posted a sneak peek of Pantheon’s crafting system on the forums with a promise of more information to come in the new year. “Crafters in Pantheon will be able to customize the stats (and the appearances) of items that they make,” he revealed. “There will be some limitations. The system won’t be completely free-form, but you will have a wide variety of options available.”

Nephele said that the crafting team is working on getting the foundation for the system in place so that it can be built properly from the ground-up. Once it’s ready to be shown off, expect to see the crafting fully revealed on a livestream. “It’s the sort of thing that really needs to be shown rather than just talked about,” he said.

Source: Pantheon

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Bruno Brito

Wait, how can you peek at things you can’t see?


There is no sneak peak, just some words. Clickbait.

Dug From The Earth

how about a sneak peak at getting to play instead.


Crafting is what keeps me coming back to New World Alpha and it’s been growing pains to say the least but it is still a great system. I really hope Pantheon, Fractured and CU systems are as fun or more so. I love a good crafting system but my ADD goes haywire if the inventory system is not good so yeah I have had love hate relationships with many MMO crafting systems.

As long as one of the trinity systems works well PvE, PvP or Crafting (priority with the latter two) I’ll try your game, if all are excellent then well you have my kind of game and so far New World has been the most impressive (Hands on) but I’ll know about more Fractured soon and looking forward to more from Pantheon I feel like sometime in the next decade we may have an MMOssance so to speak.