Whatever happened to Rappelz?


We haven’t really had a look in the direction of the classic-style fantasy MMORPG Rappelz in a while save for a listen to its soundtrack in 2019, so with the guidance of MOP reader and friend-of-the-site Panagiotis we’ve decided to do a bit of digging into just what’s happening with the game and found some unique developments.

Our search first began thanks to our tipster’s pointing out of a blog called History of Rappelz, where a post in August reported that publisher Webzen and developer Gala Lab would be ending their partnership later in the month. Gala would instead begin a partnership with Bora Island, which incidentally is also host to Flyff and Astellia Royal.

From there, things are generally under-the-radar. The game’s association with Webzen, predictably, is no longer on the publisher’s portal while the game’s official Facebook has effectively fallen fallow since April. Rappelz still rolls on, however, with a Bora Island-hosted website that notes several item shop sales, power-up events, and boost events. New content, however, does not appear to be on the menu.

Rifling around for news on this game also turned up a video from YouTube channel Gaming Hardcore that took a look at Rappelz in 2020, specifically in September. That let’s play video is embedded below for those who are curious.

sources: History of Rappelz, Facebook, official site, thanks to Panagiotis for the tip!
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