Whatever happened to Rappelz?


We haven’t really had a look in the direction of the classic-style fantasy MMORPG Rappelz in a while save for a listen to its soundtrack in 2019, so with the guidance of MOP reader and friend-of-the-site Panagiotis we’ve decided to do a bit of digging into just what’s happening with the game and found some unique developments.

Our search first began thanks to our tipster’s pointing out of a blog called History of Rappelz, where a post in August reported that publisher Webzen and developer Gala Lab would be ending their partnership later in the month. Gala would instead begin a partnership with Bora Island, which incidentally is also host to Flyff and Astellia Royal.

From there, things are generally under-the-radar. The game’s association with Webzen, predictably, is no longer on the publisher’s portal while the game’s official Facebook has effectively fallen fallow since April. Rappelz still rolls on, however, with a Bora Island-hosted website that notes several item shop sales, power-up events, and boost events. New content, however, does not appear to be on the menu.

Rifling around for news on this game also turned up a video from YouTube channel Gaming Hardcore that took a look at Rappelz in 2020, specifically in September. That let’s play video is embedded below for those who are curious.

sources: History of Rappelz, Facebook, official site, thanks to Panagiotis for the tip!

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Man…I’m genuinely surprised some of these old F2P games that launched around the time WoW did are still alive. I played a helluva lot of them just to check them out while I was exploring the f2P model, and I’m genuinely shocked to see them still active. That they’re still able to pay the bills for the server is impressive.


A lot of them just fade into obscurity and just end up costing very little to host in the long run. Even without that stable little playerbase like say with Mabinogi or Vindictus the servers are probably dirt cheap to keep around. I always think of Webzen which basically absorbed gpotato and Aeria Games absorbing ijji. It’s crazy. I was shocked to find out C9 is still around and has still gotten several updates since last time I played it years ago.


I still visit 9 dragons at times from that era. I like the music in that game and the feel and animation of characters in that game.