RuneScape has a Celebration of Combat with various combat buffs as part of its Grand Party


As the Grand Party rolls on in RuneScape, things are getting a little bit combative. Not because anything is going wrong, but because this week is the Celebration of Combat, which grants players whose activities lean more towards the fighting side of things a number of useful boons.

For this entire week, players can enjoy 50% more XP for completing Slayer tasks, no death costs, and a better chance at rare drops and top-tier items from rare drop tables. In addition, luck-enhancing items will still work with these enhanced drop rates, which should make the chase for the shiniest of shinies even easier.

On top of that, the Grand Party will feature a portal to take players to Slayer locations or to War’s Retreat, and there are a number of additions to Lumbridge’s Crater that offer rewards when players interact with them all. As for the weekly patch, that has mostly fixes to various quests, miniquests, and achievements.

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