Grand Theft Auto patent hints at a future multiplayer game


While it remains to be seen what Rockstar will do with its next iteration of Grand Theft Auto — and whether or not it’ll be online, as with GTAO — some fans discovered a patent from April 2019 that looks like NPC tech for a future game.

The patent in question is for “a system and method for managing and pathfinding using a coarse graph of low-level nodes representing the virtual world of a gaming environment.” Or as IGN summarized, it’ll potentially make for more realistic game in-game traffic and NPC use of vehicles.

What’s really interesting, at least to us, is that part of the patent mentions a multiplayer experience, with “virtual navigation and management of objects in a multiplayer network gaming community.” Confirmation? Or simply… a possibility?

Source: IGN, US Patents. Thanks Anon!

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Yoshi Senpai

Hopefully they will make a decent anti cheat and maybe some dedicated servers. I know I ask alot of this small indie dev team.

Insane how hacked GTAO is.

Jon Wax

just, whatever… take my money


That doesn’t really say much of anything…

Kickstarter Donor
Java Jawa

Yea bingo, it’ll be part of the online component of the next installment of the franchise. After all GTAO is a license to print money.

Hikari Kenzaki

GTAO made billions. Even though RDO hasn’t made nearly as much, there isn’t much chance they won’t make a new GTAO. Red Dead is a more niche franchise so doesn’t really make ‘online’ look bad.

Sarnaut Explorer

I think they are just covering possibilities. Rockstar projects are large in scope and then narrow down to what can be bludgeoned out of overworked staff come crunch time.