Lord of the Rings Online pushes ahead with broadly unpopular patch changes


While it looked for a minute there that SSG was reconsidering some absolutely awful changes to Lord of the Rings Online, the studio has decided to go ahead with putting them in the game today. The hated changes involve placing hard limits on acquiring and using scrolls to level up the game’s all-important legendary items.

And the studio knows how bad this move is, too, because it’s already put out a list of proposed changes to the changes that may or may not come later.

Material Middle-earth blogger Nathrien summed up the situation by saying, “After eleven years of playing, I’ve seen many things, but never so controversial […] There are some seriously controversial changes to scrolls of empowerment. In essence, they’re multiplying the LI grind by a factor of five.”

Or as another player tweeted, “Not the dumbest idea implemented in LOTRO, but it’s up there.”

Both Twitter and the forums are buzzing with dissent over the patch, but while SSG may be listening, it ain’t budging.

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