Magic Legends sets open beta for March 23, drops new trailer and dev vlog


The question of how a CCG like Magic: The Gathering will translate into an online ARPG like Magic Legends has been a question that may be on the minds of many, specifically how building a deck changes how things play out. That question is hopefully addressed thanks to a new trailer from the devs that offers a fundamental look at the game’s deckbuilding system.

In summary, players start out by choosing one of five colors of mana, which in turn has a class and overall playstyle associated with it. Each character can build a deck of 12 cards, which defines a player’s overall strategic approach to combat. When players start up, they begin with a pre-constructed deck tied to the color of mana they’ve chosen, but additional cards can be earned that let players customize their deck and combine two different colors to put together their preferred Planeswalker; in fact, the video touts that players can wholesale ignore their chosen mana color and build a deck of entirely different mana colors and still be highly effective.

As players progress, they will find and earn spell pages of specific spells, and when enough spell pages and ether are gathered, spell ranks can be upgraded to a maximum level of 10. On the subject of spells, there are three categories: Creature spells that summon helpful critters, Enchantment spells that apply an effect for a set amount of time, and Sorcery spells that are single-use powers. Furthermore, spells have Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Mythic Rare rarities.

There are some deck restrictions that are noted in the video, such as the fact that players can only build a deck of two different colors, confirmation that two-color decks are unlocked through progression in the game, and word that Creature spells have a point cost that cannot exceed a grand total of 12 points.

The video outlining deckbuilding mechanics can be found below, while a preview from IGN offers some supplemental impressions about gameplay and concerns about the game’s monetization system.

source: YouTube
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