Elyon KR unveils the new Slayer class arriving on February 3


Sure, Elyon already has a class that wields a really big weapon (a couple of them, arguably), but none of those classes have a heckin’ big sword paired with a lot of anger. That’s what the Slayer class is bringing to the MMORPG, which was recently unveiled for the Korean version of the game as part of its first post-launch update.

The Slayer sounds like your bog-standard barbarian sort, using their large sword to deal immense single-target damage or big, swiping strikes and spins for AoE damage. The Slayer can also enter a berserk mode that pretty much does what one would expect out of such a modifier (hint: it’s not to calmly discuss differences of opinion).

This new class is set to arrive to the Korean version of the game on February 3rd. You can get a look at this angry boy in the trailer below. As for the game’s western version, publisher Kakao Games is touting a 2021 release as well as the game’s currently piecemeal English website.

source: MMO Culture

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Looks pretty identical to the Slayer in TERA


I’d be interested in this game if it wasn’t for the oversized weapons. Something about that style just doesn’t sit well with me. (maybe it’s like an art style that doesn’t click?)


Hell yeah, my class. I’m in!