Mu Online launches Season 15 Part 2, Mu Origin 2 introduces a new Rune system


Talk about MMOs that have way too many versions of themselves; it’s time to look at some new updates to Mu! Specifically, the PC game Mu Online and the mobile title MU Origin 2, both of which have gotten some fresh injections of content.

In Mu Online, Season 15 Part 2 is now live, bringing a new Crimson Flame’s Icarus area full of monsters that drop Elemental Symbols, which can be collected to combine into Superior Pentagram and Mastery Parts. The new update also brings several events like free goodies for playing the game for up to an hour, a ranking event where players can earn points every time they open a Lapidary Stone Box, and increased XP earnings and lowered monster HP in the Crimson Flame’s Icarus field. The update has its own landing page with more details.

As for Mu Origin 2, its latest update headlines the arrival of a Rune system that adds a new equipment slot that enhances both attack and defense skills for characters that are over level 280. The update also introduces a Summon Stigma feature that lets players summon Elemental Stigmas when they’ve earned enough Stigma points in the Elemental Dungeon, and launches Season 21 of the Abyss. Players can read the patch notes for more.

source: press releases
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