Aion asks players to defend the Garden of Growth with its new auto-hunting mechanics

You played yourself.

Darn, hunting things in the Garden of Growth in Aion is going to take a while. Seriously, the whole thing that players are doing is popping enemies for an hour while gaining experience boosters and occasional stones. If only there were a way to just set the game to play itself for you during the event… which there totally is with the North American game’s new auto-hunting system that you can test out during the event, as the system is currently only enabled in the Garden of Growth.

Players can set up basic parameters like a skill rotation, whether or not to automatically use experience extractors and the like, and when to use recovery items, then just… let the auto-hunting system do the rest. It might sound a little bit passive, but given the repetitive nature of the task and the potential rewards, wouldn’t it be nice to just let the game take care of everything for a while? Possibly while not thinking too hard about the idea of the game playing itself.


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