WRUP: Beekeeping strategies edition


DON’T: Yell at your bees.
DO: Yell encouraging things at flowers while making it clear that the yelling is not directed at the bees.

DON’T: Throw fire at your bees.
DO: Teach your bees about alternating and direct current in electricity.

DON’T: Take all of your clothing off and run around your beehives while dripping in honey shouting about how you’re the “Hyperqueen of the Bees” and agitating the heck out of those bees in the process even while I’m saying that you’re making a damn mess, Sharon.
DO: Something other than that.

DON’T: Keep your bees in the fridge.
DO: Keep your bees not in the fridge.

DON’T: Marry a bee.
DO: Learn to keep bees somewhere other than What Are You Playing.

BEES: Is kept.

Bonus question: Are there any animals that scare you, rationally or irrationally?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): More Pokemon Go. I’ve got two perfect Sneasels who need candy from Saturday’s event, and I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect Larvitar to evolve before the event ends. I’ll probably do some light Animal Crossing, but I feel like I need to do a bit more actual exercise (read: lift weights) after my winter food feasting.

Are we including insects with this? Because if so, potato bugs (AKA Jerusalem crickets). Got bit by one as a kid, and they stink like heck. Don’t google them if you’re squeamish. If it’s just vertebrates, in some ways, you might say I have a healthy fear of most of them, mostly out of respect. I know that a squirrel or raccoon that approaches me wants food, not pets, and even if a baby whale wanted to play with me, they can seriously injure me without effort. I love animals, but also know their way of thinking isn’t the same as ours, so I try to remain respectful, even of domesticated pets (but doggos know I give the best pets).

Andy McAdams: More of the same here – World of Warcraft and maybe Elite: Dangerous. We did a very undergeared +12 Mythic last week; took us 3 hours but we did it! We’ll probably do something equally stupid this week. Elite: Dangerous, if I get any time to play will likely be me staring at the screen going “uhh” for about 45 minutes, that’s usually how it goes.

Bonus Question: Bears. Irrationally scared of bears. I’ve gone swimming with sharks, earned weird looks from zookeepers when I said that I was disappointed because their komodo dragons couldn’t eat me, but I keep a healthy distance from bears.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Probably some Star Wars Galaxies Legends, since that’s what I’ve played a bit this week. But I got The Elder Scrolls Online patched up (thanks, Justin) and I have been thinking about City of Heroes while stocking vendors in Legends, so that’s probably a sign, right?

Animals, I can’t think of any, apart from insects, even though I am fully aware of their many dangers. They just wouldn’t set me on edge in a zoo or when flipping through photos! But yeah I’ll run screaming from pretty much any bug, even the harmless ones, although I try to let the spiders live since they mop up the others!

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): Last night saw my Samurai hit level 80 in Final Fantasy XIV, so I’ll probably kit that class up and dink around with Blue Mage for funsies. I’ve also established something of a home base in Elite Dangerous and will continue taking out one of my three ships to do what strikes my fancy in nearby systems. Finally, I want to hop back in to Dauntless in preparation for that game’s next Escalation mode, which are my favorite modes in the game by far.

I haven’t seen any up close, but centipedes and millipedes kind of weird me out. I’m not entirely sure what circumstances led to a bug that needs to be that long to begin with, but then the solution of having that many legs in order to move is just… eugh.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): I’ve been really tired this week, so I’m mostly thinking FFXIV mixed in with some extra sleep. Go with something lightweight, I suppose.

Deep-sea fish freak me out. I couldn’t tell you why; most of them are harmless to humans, and it’s unlikely for me to ever have any interaction with them beyond pictures. But for whatever reason those still affect me.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): I’m getting through the Shire and Ered Luin on my new Lord of the Rings Online Minstrel, and I have plans to re-enter The Elder Scrolls Online as an Orc Necromancer. Bree better show up one of these days in Tamriel, is all I’m saying.

Tyler Edwards (blog): Once again I find myself awash with options. I got an invite to the beta test of Century: Age of Ashes; it’s a PvP game, so I’ll probably be butchered like a hog, but I’m still kinda curious. There’s also the new Lords of the West expansion for Age of Empires II’s Definitive Edition; I’ve been playing the new Edward Longshanks campaign (ha ha longbowmen go brrr). And I have a Curse of Strahd game on Saturday, and I was thinking of checking out The Medium on Game Pass, and there’s still Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla to consider…

Bonus question: I have a real problem with just about anything that has more than four legs. Spiders and centipedes freak me out the most, but also most insects unnerve me at least a little.

Patron Pierre: I’m playing Persona 5. This game is so immersive, I can’t stop playing when I have some free time. It’s probably one of the very best RPGs I have ever played. Consequently, there’s no time left for MMOs, sorry games – see you soon I hope. But if you don’t know about it, there are some online features in Persona 5. For instance, you can ask for help from other players when in a dire strait, such as having one of your characters taken hostage by the opponents during a fight. Quite an original feature, even if it’s a little alike a feature of the Souls series of games.

Bonus question: I’m not scared by spiders. I have a lot in my home and I’m used to let them live their spider lives freely, besides me. I’m not scared by snakes either. I think crocodiles and sharks are the animals that scare me the most, as they are extremely dangerous animals, at least irrationally. Rationally, I saw some figures about injuries and deaths from animals and shark and crocodile injuries are very rare, dogs and horses being the most dangerous animals, statistically speaking.

What about you MOP readers? Know that you can’t answer “Elf butt” to the bonus question, Elves are not animals xD.

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