Lord of the Rings Online starts testing its mid-level Wildwood update


As Lord of the Rings Online players wait in breathless anticipation of this year’s producer’s letter (soon! soon!), the game’s first major update of the year has just started its rounds on the test server.

Update 29: Wildwood represents a significant diversion from LOTRO’s usual development path as it is adding a level 45 zone rather than an endgame region. It looks to be an extension of Bree-land (which is getting an updated map). The update will also add new lighting options to the game and raise the virtue cap to 74.

And of course the amazing LOTRO community is right on top of this patch. YouTuber Bludborn put together a lovely little tour of the new zone to give you an idea of what’s in store:

And this walkthrough with Louey7:

Source: LOTRO

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I thought this would be in northern Rhovanion… Looks very nostalgic, Breeland -style! Quite like that they are filling in Eriador!

The game at least on my server seems to be thriving, based on population. Had 1349 players on my server when played yesterday, highest since I returned in last March.


I liked the old style of maps more. They had more character and were something special among MMOs. Also, the fact they were not perfectly accurate and less detailed made navigating and exploring the zones more interesting, imo.

But I guess those old, hand-drawn maps made the game look extremely dated to newer/younger players, so I get why they’re changing them.

Roger Edwards

As this is a Level 45 zone all the quests in the area are of a comparable level. However, players at level cap can play Missions set in the area. It’s a practical compromise but it hinges upon whether you like Missions, which I find to be diluted Skirmishes.

Will we be seeing less level cap bona fide PVE quests in the future and more missions, which have little narrative content? I’m hoping this Update with its reduced scope is purely due to the pandemic and the impact its had on SSG development team.

Roger Edwards

Not only has the Bree-Land map been revised to accommodate Wildwood, SSG have also updated The Shire and Ered Luin maps as well. Are changes coming to these zones?

Matthew Yetter

Adding a new zone at that level is smart. It will give a viable alternative to Angmar and the Misty Mountains.

2Ton Gamer

I wouldn’t say smart. There are different level ranges that are a bigger pain than this one. Still a welcome change and if I ever play again or level a new character it’ll be interesting, but so many other things were far more important to tackle, even this was someone’s spare time hobby to create.

Aaron Weddle

this game is old but the engine is still beautiful