Aion NA previews minion awakening and Yornforged weapons ahead of its February 24 update


If you play Aion in the EU, these features are not new to you. If you play Aion in Korea, these features are really not new to you since they’ve been in the MMORPG since September. If you play Aion in NA, however, there are some new features coming.

The first is related to minion awakening, which lets Rank 4 S-Grade minions get a new mini-minion slot that allows them to equip Rank 4 minions of any grade, offering benefits like use of their active minion’s skill and bonus stats.

The second feature is the arrival of new Yornforged weapons with new progression paths, bonus stats, and unique abilities. These weapons start off in an Unfinished state and can be upgraded to two more stages, culminating in an ultimate Named Yornforged Weapon form. There are some progression steps and requirements to push these new items to their maximum, so players will want to click through the link to find out all of the details.

Both of these features are due to arrive with the next patch, which is set to land on Wednesday, February 24th.

source: official site (1, 2)

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