Albion Online introduces the new Caerleon faction arriving with the Call to Arms update


Albion Online has been all in on factions over the past few weeks, as those who have been following along already know. Today, there’s yet another layer of information being offered up for the incoming Call to Arms update, with the introduction of a sixth faction that’s coming to the game when the update arrives.

The new faction hails from the city of Caerleon, and in the fiction of Albion, the city has become a nest of bandits, smugglers, rogues, and mercenaries, and so the Council of Caerleon has decided to join the war between the other cities in order to profit from the situation.

What makes the Caerleon faction truly distinct is its unique playstyle: Other members of the same faction can attack one another, and captured Faction Outposts and regions turn into bandit camps, which offer no defensive value whatsoever but do provide direct profit to the player. Of course, this does add the additional wrinkle of one bandit group becoming too powerful, in which case players will need to bring them to heel. Of course, the Caerleon faction has a variety of distinct rewards like other factions, including unique mounts and access to Trade Missions that are more profitable than those of other factions.

Finally, the post revealed a new Bandit Assault daily event, where all factions will lose control of all of their red zone regions and outposts to bandits and be forced to retake them in exchange for a massive reward paid out to faction players who have claimed the most regions. This event happens at irregular times of the day, and Caerleon faction members cannot directly take part, though they can use the event as a way to attack other players and steal their stuff.


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