Sorry kids, Dragon Age 4 is cutting multiplayer after years of troubled development


BioWare is not being very kind to multiplayer this week, we’ve noticed. Right after announcing that the studio was effectively halting all development on Anthem, BioWare’s now yanked multiplayer out of its upcoming Dragon Age 4 to save on resources and time.

This move comes after a back-and-forth struggle between the studio and BioWare’s parent company Electronic Arts. EA has had a mandate that all of its games offer some sort of online component, but BioWare balked at this for Dragon Age 4, and EA relented.

Dragon Age 4’s development, which stretches back to 2015, has seen at least one full reboot and the loss of its creative director. Bloomberg said that some nameless employees were critical of the project and EA’s push for online monetization, calling it “Anthem with dragons.” It appears that now BioWare is getting its way and bringing the title back to a single-player focus.

Reportedly, the Anthem Next crew has been reassigned to work on Dragon Age 4 instead.

Source: Bloomberg. Thanks Mikey!
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