Destiny 2 promises an end to Infusion caps, new PvP balancing, armor transmog, and cross-play in 2021


The fact that Bungie is expanding its operations in support of Destiny 2 should tell you that the studio has plans for the game, and a whole lot of those plans were laid out in a dev blog that talked about the upcoming content arriving this year as well as a rough plan for 2022.

Season 14 will see the end of Infusion caps to weapons and armor, meaning that players that have brought their favorite items to their maximum level will be able to continue to use and upgrade those items in subsequent seasons; readers will recall that previously there were soft caps on how much upgrading items could receive in order to keep the meta fresh. Season 14 will also see player Power level caps only raise by 10 per season instead of 50. Finally, Season 14 will introduce an Armor Synthesis transmog system that will let players turn any piece of armor in their collection into a universal ornament provided they have the necessary materials.

PvP is getting a number of adjustments such as shutting off emotes or not letting third-person view weapons without ammo be equipped in order to stop a “three-peeking” exploit being used in Trials and Competitive; a number of nerfs to Stasis powers applied across Season 13 and 14 along with increased damage reduction for targets caught in Stasis by Season 15; buffs to existing Light powers; the addition of new weapon perks to stir up the PvP meta; and an overhaul of matchmaking paradigms and rewards for Trials of Osiris, with Iron Banner getting similar treatment later.

The end of the post covers a number of small but significant update plans as well, such as full cross-platform play in Season 15, legendary Stasis energy and power weapons in Season 15, more gilded titles in Season 14, and Ikora Rey’s return in Season 14, which will play into the next major story expansion, The Witch Queen, which will arrive in early 2022, followed by Lightfall and a third story expansion. More details on these expansions will be shared this summer.

As for the more immediate future, Bungie’s weekly post has information about additional weapon chases being added to ritual playlists, a livestream taking a deep dive into the Deep Stone Crypt on March 3rd, and some patch notes for an incoming hotfix on March 2nd among other things.

source: official site (1, 2), cheers Ark!

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Sunsetting felt awful. Logging into a new season and just deleting a ton of weapons that cause you to remember how much time and effort it took you to grind them out was a feels bad moment in the game. Really given me a lot of pause this season as I do 1-2 activities and then just log out because I have no passion to grind out the perfect version of something if it’s just going to get deleted.

Then there’s the power grind, which I didn’t really mind, but it felt super redundant with Season Pass and Artifact levels. I’m already going to have to grind out to Season Pass rank 204 or so for the +20 artifact power levels the time gating with gear power levels was just a bit much on top of it. Will be very nice to take the game a bit more casually rather than have to power game like crazy for the first three weeks to power cap to do all the game content.

That all said there have been fantastic decisions made in other directions for the game that have been just on point. The story team has just been knocking it out of the park with the game. From the flavor text at the end of activities, the new Presage exotic quest mission, and all the little blurbs of information in game (I’ve enjoyed the radio logs in the HELM) are fantastic. Little, missable details are all over and it’s just great.

Also coming in late and having everything still be relevant is wonderful. I skipped first few weeks to play Valheim and I don’t feel like I’ve missed out at all in the game. The newly designed challenges are still there, unlocks are progressing like normal, and even content from last season is still present and active.

All in all pretty good and hopeful regarding the game these days.

Kevin Smith

Wow they backtracked on the weapons and armor stuff really fast. Didn’t make it one season really and back to keep the same weapons for life.