Black Desert Mobile announces the arrival of the Shai and a new PvP mode in March


The little character with a big boomerang is headed to Black Desert Mobile. Yes, the Shai class has been officially confirmed for the mobile MMO, with her arrival on Tuesday, March 23rd, and pre-creation available on Tuesday, March 16th. For those who are unfamiliar with the Shai, she’s a hybrid combat and support class that wields a giant boomerang to attack foes at a distance while casting healing and buff spells to aid party members. Those who are curious about this class can check out Carlo’s two-part preview.

In the more immediate future — specifically, Tuesday, March 2nd — Black Desert Mobile will be introducing a new PvP mode known as Battlefield of the Sun. This mode is based on the war between the Valencia and Calpheon regions, letting players choose a side and fight in a massive 30 vs. 30 battle. While we’re on the subject of PvP, the game’s 3v3 PvP Ramoness tournament is set to begin on Tuesday, March 16th.

source: press release

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